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I'm here! I'm intact! I'm in my new place! I'm about 90% moved in, but, lololol, the things that are still at the old place are, for some reason, things like all my regular clothes and my blankets and sheets. Betta Barnes will probably come with me tomorrow, and a friend with access to a creepy van (for setting up races) maaaaaay be able to help me collect everything that's left (mostly kitchen and random stuff). Five amazing Russian men completely disassembled my apartment in 90 minutes yesterday, four flights of stairs and all, and the whole move was done in just over three hours. As I was standing on the sidewalk with my bike, talking to the guys about how to get to the new place, who but Terrible Neighbor comes sauntering by, with her two kids right there. "Bye, bitch," she says, like she's ~got me (or something???). I thought up all this clever shit I could have said later, but... no more. It's almost over.

So now I'm picking out paint colors and trying to find where I packed things like my remote controls. I am determined to have at least one small corner plastered with flamingo wallpaper. An awesome Puerto Rican guy from the Bronx set up my internet tonight; we traded pet photos and stories, and he told me all about his brother, a retired Marine, who lives on the island with a service pig named Cleopatra. (He also told me that he thought I was an autoresponse robot when I picked up his call, because my voice was so "creamy," which is a freaking delightful compliment.)

I kind of don't have much more to say at the moment. Therapy was good today. Things are just... looking up, and that's great. ♥

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Oct. 18th, 2017 01:27 am
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Tired. Everything's just such a mess right now and there's so much I want to do, so much I want to invest myself in, and whenever I have a few spare minutes it seems like they're filled up with just the bare minimum required to be a functional human and that's IT. The only reason I've finally managed to update here is because I've got four episodes of Inhumans to watch somehow and I need something else to do in the background. Did you know Inhumans is coming out? Wild. There is a hilarious amount of non-response out there, after so many years of screaming about how NOBODY CARES ABOUT THE INHUMANS, MARVEL, it's pretty great.

Anyway, once I'm done this, I need to clear off my desk and bump some stuff to free up space on my phone for comics tomorrow, but I also need to shower and find some time to do my nails, and I also want to write fic and maybe an app and reach out to friends who are hurting and play video games and watch a spooky movie and write up some letterbox reviews and talk to people and clear out the 1800 tabs I have open that are killing my browser but it's also bedtime in a couple of hours and there's just? No time?

I know it's just everything else weighing on me, because I was almost successfully juggling things for a while, there (probably not the friends thing, I have always been a shit friend), but now I spend most of my time fretting about money and how my mom still doesn't have a job and has taken to treating me like her own personal bank card to the tune of almost $2000 now because we went three weeks without hot water and wasn't THAT fun having to wash my not inconsiderable amount of hair via water heated in a pot on the stove and a basin, at one point I just said fuck it and dropped $40 on a hair cut just so someone would wash it for me (I got so many compliments on the braid she did it in, though, that was neat), but man was it great finally taking a bath after all that, I seriously almost boiled myself alive and it was perfect. Not perfect enough to make me feel alright about paying for renovations on a slummy dive of a trailer that I would have moved out of months ago had we not suddenly been down a family member, though.

And other stuff. Always other stuff. At least I'm back to feeling somewhat competent at my job? Something that didn't pay peanuts would be nice.

Anyway, [personal profile] pollventures remains a thing if you wanna come read goofy 80s gamebooks with me!

oh my god this mortis guy is so doofy looking WHY ARE THEY ALL SO STUPID LOOKING JUST GIVE ME MORE GORGON HE'S THE BEST

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Oct. 17th, 2017 04:15 pm
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I haven't posted in ages, but apparently I've lost my mind because I'm itching to write and since I can't find a challenge with the right prompts, I'm thinking of doing NaNoWriMo for the first time in 11 years.

There was a prompt I liked at [community profile] hp_nextgen_fest, but it was too late to write it, so I'm planning 50K of Draco/James Sirius, using the old prompts from [profile] fanfic100.

Let's see if I can manage it after all of this time.
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Some dates have been set, some things are happening, I am trying not to take late-afternoon/early evening naps! Moving trucks on Tuesday afternoon, three years to the day after I moved in here. Getting internet at the new place on Monday afternoon (in theory), and so should be getting keys... on Monday afternoon? Apparently this is very complicated. I already sense a pattern with this leasing company (ho ho, no shit!), but fingers crossed I just won't need anything ever. IT WILL BE FINE. Everything will be fine once I am in a new space!

Packing is starting to feel like psychological warfare, though. I have tried to make a list of what's left, which would in some ways be easier to handle if I could get access to my apartment, which legally becomes mine tomorrow. But it's like... the kitchen and the decision-fatigue-inducing papers and knickknacks and the "can I run all over Brooklyn and Manhattan to donate this before Tuesday and still get all my work done?" stuff. I suspect there will be a lot of Tuesday morning "throw it into a garbage bag! God will know his own!" going on.

TV is still good at the moment, though. Riverdale is peak ridonk, The Good Place is making me SO OUTRAGEOUSLY HAPPY and Jane the Virgin is finally back and I'm so overwhelmed by love that I can only watch it in chunks. I finally saw Kung Fury with my friend H, who came over last night for loafing; it was staggering, and it leaves Netflix in a week, so get on that, friends.

Neighbor has not messed with me since Monday night, at least. They seemed to be gone for a few days, but they're definitely back now. I'm worried about that window when the movers are coming in and out for a bit, but there's no way around it and hopefully, well. Movers.

I am still crashing and all my books are in boxes.

Journaling prompt

Oct. 13th, 2017 10:52 am
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I got this journal prompt from my friend Tab, & I use it when I feel like journaling but I don't know what I want to say.

Outside my window…
It's quite a sunny morning. The leaves are starting to go a bit yellow & lots of them are falling. We've had a few cool mornings but it's warming up almost to the 80s by the afternoon, and this weekend is supposed to stay pretty warm.

I am thinking…
There's a huge pile of clean laundry on the bed in the extra bedroom, and I should really fold it up & put it away. My bedroom gets the full morning sun and I don't have blackout curtains right now, so I may have to sleep a little in the extra bedroom this weekend due to night shifts.

I am thankful…
For coffee, experienced colleagues who don't mind teaching me new procedures or tips & tricks for the ones I already do, and a paycheck that allows me to pay my student loan bills!

In the kitchen…
I got a new Instant Pot! We've made Mexican chicken, rice, and experimented with rice pudding so far. I'd like to try a pot roast!

I am wearing…
Nothing special. A pair of black capri pants and an ivory tank top.

I am creating…
I'm not feeling all that creative right now & I think that's okay. I may create another cup of coffee. :)

I am going…
We have a trip to western AR planned! We'll be staying at the KOA in Salisaw, Oklahoma, which is in the Fort Smith, AR metroplex. We wanted to stay up in Fayetteville/Bentonville/Rogers, but it turns out our 3 day weekend just happened to coincide with War Eagle Craft Fair, which is in Rogers. It draws a TON of people annually to that area. No wonder I wasn't finding any good RV spots! So instead we opted to stay in the Fort Smith area, which is only about 45 minutes to an hour from the museums in Bentonville that we'd planned to visit.

I am wondering…
How my patient from last night is doing. Oldest patient I ever sutured!

I am reading/listening…
Not currently reading anything, but this prompt made me realize I wasn't listening to anything either, which is unusual for me. It then got me started on a small music binge during which I listened to Elle King, then Dave Matthews Band, and now Deedee Magno Hall (Pearl) from the Steven Universe soundtrack. I love music. Sometimes I wonder if I could've sung professionally; I absolutely have the raw talent but no training. I never tried because I simply never had the ambition for it. I still don't. That takes a lot of commitment & there are no guarantees. But still, I do so love it.

Oooh now I'm listening to "Gun in my Hand" by Dorothy (a band, not a solo artist). It's gritty, jukebox sounding rock.

I am hoping…
This weekend goes well. I work Saturday & Sunday nights: 5pm to 3am! I've worked nights in my career, but never in the ER and never as a nurse practitioner. It's me & one of the very experienced APRNs with 2 of the most abrasive physicians the hospital has to offer. Pretty sure they picked the backbone-having nurse practitioners on purpose. Here we go!

I am looking forward to…
Our trip over to Fort Smith. We are planning to go to the Amazeum, maybe Crystal Bridges Museum of Modern Art, and to eat at places we don't have in northeast Arkansas.

Around the house…
I have quite a bit of laundry to do. Also, the people from the pest control company are coming to look at the outside of the house where we have some potential places for critters to get under the house, where they make noise and generally exist with their flea ridden selves. This may be a major contributor to our summertime flea problem, which persists even when the dogs are well-treated.

I am learning…
A little more about myself as an APRN each day! I was upset at a very very bad shift a couple of weeks ago, but I can look at it now and realize that I did manage all those patients decently; I simply couldn't do it fast enough. That won't come without more practice, so practice I will!

I am pondering…
How anyone ever gets up the nerve to use an 18 gauge needle to scrape metal off someone's eye for the first time. I won't, because I have nerve damage in my hands and therefore don't trust them to safely do that.

A favorite quote for today…
"What's that got to do with the price of tea in China?" --this is something my DNP classmate Hallie said a lot and it always made me giggle. It's said in the place of "What does that have to do with the topic at hand?" It's so quirky.

One of my favorite things…
Blankets! With the chilly evenings & mornings it's been actually worth getting the blankets out!

A few plans for the rest of the week…
Work the night shift, play Splatoon 2 on the Switch, and try to figure out some ARNA stuff in between times.
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Things my neighbor yelled while pounding on my front door:
  • "Answer the door, bitch!"
  • "Keep my name out of your mouth, bitch!"
  • "I'm gonna trap you, bitch!"
  • (Aside, when I wouldn't answer) "What, is she taking a shit?" (While funny, also suggesting she wasn't alone, which, cool!!!!)

    She waited until [personal profile] theladyscribe left after spending the whole afternoon helping me pack, sort things for donation and tossing, and watch the first two episodes of Wynonna Earp (which, what!!!!! by the way!). Neighbor also kept yelling at me through our shared walls when I wouldn't come out when shouted at from the landing. Yes, I am freaked out! Yes, I am unhappy! I'm not so sure it's a good idea now for me to go to therapy tomorrow morning while also carrying huge bags of books to donate, in case she jumps me while I'm leaving. (I truly would not put it past her!)

    Everyone under the sun told me to call the police next time something like that happened, but I get my keys to my new place on Sunday, and I want to be out of here as fast as possible after that. She will 100% retaliate, if she hasn't already done something unspeakable to my door. (I know that also suggests I could call anyway, since she'll retaliate anyway, but. I do not want to deal with any of that.)

    I stayed quiet in the apartment for a while, because, well, earnestly freaking out. But then I put on iTunes shuffle, starting with the Office Space rap cover of "Take This Job and Shove It," and shuffle has been been very good to me, bringing all my most obnoxious-but-beloved tracks (Delirium, Neutral Milk Hotel, Lhasa, solo Paul McCartney, Simon & Garfunkel live; now it's playing a country cover of "We Can Work It Out").

    Honest to god, I am just so ready to leave. Would appreciate any moral support, though, I won't lie.

    Oct. 9th, 2017 02:15 pm
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    School has entirely taken up all of my weekends, so I'm kind of taking it easy. I'm not trying for reqs this month and just trusting that I'll either end up with them by coincidence or Purge will take care of them. Or I'll just not hit reqs this month and the world will not end. I'm not planning on apping anyone in the near future and even if I were, I'm covered for the last two months. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    If anyone wants any of my pups for something, hit me up. I'm more than willing to thread, I'm just not seeking it out this month.

    Will be possessed in the end of October and through the Purge period. If anyone wants their pup attacked/killed/whatever, feel free to hit me up on this one. I'm not entirely sure what havoc I'm going to wreck with her at the moment. She's probably going to maim Sweeney in someway, but otherwise she's open. Gannicus and Krem will eventually get her under control, heh, somehow, but then by early November she'll have been exorcised and spend November just recovering from that trauma.

    Will start to notice his magic going awry thanks to the Unmaker. Right about now it's probably just spells taking more than one snap to go through, but by the end of the month his powers will be less controllable and more likely to produce completely different results from what was planned. I think Blue will be at the apartment sometime and help amplify his powers (Faye, is that still on?) but regardless of whether or not she's there, he is fully capable of causing an earthquake. SO HE WILL BE. And then he'll lock himself in the bathroom and think he's an awful evil being who can't be trusted.

    Will be having nightmares thanks to the Unmaker plot, mostly about her torture I think, centering on Antonia, her sister. On the Purge day proper, she'll be wandering the streets and kind of observing, stepping in where she feels it necessary. She may or may not be having an ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny with Cassius.

    I want to get her in trouble on the night of Purge but I have no idea yet how? I'm equally down for having her be saved or having her save someone. Or having her band together with people and they save themselves. Regardless, she's going to be out and about and sticking her nose into things she shouldn't. Ideas super welcome on this one.

    3 Good Things

    Oct. 8th, 2017 10:50 pm
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    1) Today I set up my Instant Pot. It claims it can make rice in 12 minutes, where my rice cooker takes 40!
    2) Aired out Beatrice & hung out in there, getting ready for an upcoming trip to northwest AR to see the foliage & the museums!
    3) Set up a reasonable, logical consequence for Ganon since he didn't meet his Accelerated Reader goal for the first 9 weeks. He agreed that it was reasonable & logical, too!

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    Oct. 8th, 2017 09:49 pm
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    Hello! If you're reading this, maybe you're wanting to write things for me for Yuletide.

    Here are some thoughts about that.

    Read more... )

    Dear Yuletide Author

    Oct. 5th, 2017 01:15 am
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    Hello! Thank you so much for volunteering to write these fandoms—I'm going to be really giddy with anything you come up with, so don't worry. All my requests are more like guidelines; Optional Details Are Optional all the way, feel free to write something else if you get an idea you're excited about. I'll list some likes/dislikes below in case that helps, but please don't feel you need to include any of it, and feel free to disregard it all, too, if it works for your story. If you have a good time writing it, I'll enjoy reading it!

    Things I love: UST, banter, angsty and/or fucked-up characters and interactions, clever characters actually being clever, open relationships and/or interesting poly dynamics, found families, awesome female characters, dubcon, infidelity, kidfic, domesticity, post-break-up, fake relationship, hatesex, denial/delay, voyeurism, pining, and soulbonds.

    I love short PWPs and long plotty fics alike; go for any tense, rating and genre you prefer. I'm equally happy with gen and shippy fic. Feel free to go full-on AU if you wish, or to stick closely to canon; I'll never mind either way.

    Things I dislike: gratuitous character bashing, 'making love,' 'cum,' watersports, scat, graphic non-con, rape as plot device to lead to h/c, first person POV.

    In case you happen to want to poke around my accounts, have at it: [ profile] christycorr; [ profile] christycorr; [ profile] christycorr; [ profile] christycorr.

    In Other Lands - Sarah Rees Brennan

    Elliot Schafer, Luke Sunborn

    I didn't read Turn of the Story while it was up, but I devoured this book as soon as I realised it existed, and promptly ran to get my hands on every extra morsel available by that point. (Note: I'm 100% fine with book-only canon!) I just love Luke Sunborn and his awkward face so much, and I especially love how utterly wrong Elliot gets him, and how they manage to orbit each other so well throughout the years despite being completely clueless. I really enjoy how they keep catching on each other's rough edges because they can't navigate them at all.

    I requested these two characters and I do love them to pieces, but if you want to include any others in the tagset (or anyone else) please feel free! This universe is endlessly fascinating to me. I would happily read any and all stories containing things like:
    • Elliot being a clever little shit about absolutely anything, take your pick;

    • Luke growing to fully understand and accept his half-harpy nature;

    • Serene pontificating about something, Serene sharing her misandrist wisdom, Serene and Luke being swordsisters, just: Serene;

    • elven society, more about how it works and how their unique little cluster might fit there (or...not);

    • wings!! (I'd never realised I liked wingfic before, but hey, apparently I do);

    • Woodsinger being awesome and somehow suffering all these fools (how);

    • political shenanigans: it's brilliant to see Elliot, Luke and Serene each being awesome in their different ways to unfuck a situation, and if you want to go for plotty fic here, by all means do!

    If you have any other ideas, though, please do go for it! These are just suggestions. Anything from family fic about the Sunborns being their usual overwhelming selves to a wild forest OT4 sex marathon will make me thrilled.

    The Broken Earth - N. K. Jemisin

    Alma Innovator Dibars, Yaetr Innovator Dibars

    I really enjoyed The Stone Sky, and one of the side stories that caught my eye was the letter exchange between Alma Innovator Dibars and Yaetr Innovator Dibars. Yaetr "discovered" that orogenes' intervention prevented several seasons in the past, and Alma put an end to that research for political reasons. I couldn't help put wonder what kind of story lurked behind those brief notes.

    How did Yaetr start researching roggas? Why look into this, specifically, when the Fulcrum certainly wouldn't have wanted anyone coming anywhere near these conclusions? Was Yaetr at all empathetic or just interested in predicting future Seasons? What was the research process like? What was the relationship between Alma and Yaetr like, and what did it turn into after that event? How did Yaetr take the silencing, what did they do after? What was the environment at the Seventh in Dibars like, did Yaetr and Alma ever overlap there with Tonkee, or with Alabaster or Syenite being used for research?

    The way that The Broken Earth interweaves questions of oppression, identity and violence with every level and angle of worldbuilding is so well thought-out and executed. It would be interesting to catch another glimpse of this side of events: the many ways that a fact so glaringly obvious and important to keeping everyone alive gets suppressed and ignored to benefit the dominant narrative.

    Love for the Cold-Blooded - Alex Gabriel

    Serpentissima, Tom | Serpent Slut

    This story was so fun, and I am so here for wacky supervillain family dynamics! They seemed to genuinely care about each other so much, regardless of the fact that they they express affection in somewhat unconventional ways sometimes. I would so happily read more about that in all kinds of ways.

    Does Serpentissima try to take over the world again? What's that like for the rest of the family? What about when Hell starts growing into her own independent challenger self and tries her own first major nefarious plot, how do her parents help and/or accidentally thwart her efforts? Or: what's it like for them to have a hoagie in the family? Just how awkward do Christmas dinners get? Or: what's it like for Serpentissima and Tom to have grandchildren? I'd also love to see a flashback to Serpentissima's first ascent and why it failed, or how she ended up falling for Tom in the first place.

    Basically, I'd be happy with any story dealing with the unique peculiarities of the West family. Please feel free to include Helena, Boadicea, Zenobia, Patrick and Nick if you wish, as well as any other challengers or superheroes you want!

    Note in case you want to check out a fandom other than the one we matched on, sorted by length: Love for the Cold-Blooded is one book, a short and fast read, rather silly; In Other Lands is also one book, though longer, that takes all kinds of fantasy tropes and twists them in hilarious ways; The Broken Earth is a trilogy, far heavier than the other two in subject matter, but worth every second.

    Whatever you choose, thank you so much for writing this! I hope you have a good time. And as I said up there: please feel free to disregard my suggestions if the mood strikes and you have a different burst of inspiration.